Frequently Asked Questions

My download stopped, help!

We’re sorry to hear you had trouble with your mappa purchase. The delivery of the application to your device is out of our hands, unfortunately – this is what Google takes the responsibility for doing with its Play service.  We suggest that you revisit the Play app on your device, press the menu key and look for My Apps.  From there you should be able to re-initiate the download of the app. If that doesn’t help, then contact GooglePlay.

I can’t download the app, I get an error!

The download of the apps is entirely under control of the Google Play system.  That being said, have you checked whether you have enough free space on your device (SD card) to install the app?  For  example Tokyo (one of the largest maps) will need about 40MB free on the SD card and about 40MB free on the in-device storage.

When are you making the iOS or Windows version?

We do have a large number of improvements on our list and a port to Apple iOS is one of them, however we don’t expect that to happen within 2013. Sorry about that.

How do I know if the mappa map does what I want / has the features I want?

If you would like to try any of the apps published by us, download and make use of the 15 minute trial period that Google Play offers every Android user.  This system allows you to download a paid app and give it a quick try-out.  If it’s immediately apparent that you don’t like the app (such as not having features that you were looking for), you can return to the Google Play app and press the ‘Refund’ button – or in Settings you can uninstall the app.  As long as you do this within 15 minutes of the first purchase, Google Play should automatically refund your money.  In this way you can try out apps much more easily without the need to write emails, etc. to ask for a refund – it’s much easier for you, the customer. Of course you could also try out one of our free mappa apps.

Does the mappa map integrate with the GPS in the phone to pinpoint your location?

Yes, mappa does use the Android device’s in-built GPS, if available, to show the current position on the map (as a blue dot in the current versions).  Mappa also uses other available positioning methods such as WiFi or network positioning should GPS not be available / fitted or switched off in the device.

However, please be aware that on almost all Android devices that have a GPS feature, the GPS function is ‘assisted GPS’.  What this means is that, in the case that you have no internet connection, it can take quite some minutes with a very clear view of the sky in order to get a first fix for the day.

A good trick is, if you have free WiFi internet in your hotel, get a GPS fix there whilst connected to the Internet by the hotel WiFi, e.g. just outside the main hotel entrance where you can still connect to WiFi but also get a view of the sky (the GPS satellites).  In this way you can usually enjoy GPS functionality when you leave the hotel vicinity (and therefore leave your free Internet service).

I’ve downloaded the app but I can’t see a map – it’s just blank!

Generally speaking, you should be able to press the ‘home’ button on the orange mappa toolbar at the top of the screen to get the map displayed.  If you are in a distant location from your map, for example you have downloaded a local Spain map and you are currently in the UK, and you press the ‘current location’ icon on the toolbar (a round / crosshairs icon), you will see a blue dot with no map behind, because you’re nowhere near the map coverage area. Press the “home” button and your map will reappear.

My bar / restaurant / house / hotel isn’t on your map, what’s going on?

The mappa products are based on OpenStreetMap which, rather like Wikipedia, is created and updated by worldwide volunteers.  Anybody and everybody can contribute to the map database. We rely on contributions to the OpenStreetMap project to keep our mappa maps up-to-date.  We are a small team and clearly can’t keep the whole world’s map up-to-date ourselves.  There are commercial companies such as NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas with thousands of employees and multi-million dollar budgets that dedicate themselves to making street maps.  However, the license fee for using their maps come at a price proportional to their costs.

If you would like to learn more about OpenStreetMap, and, perhaps, even add some of the extra information you have yourself, please visit

Rest assured that have been and intend to continue re-releasing the mappa products with fresh downloads of the OpenStreetMap data.

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