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Taipei Offline mappa Map

Taipei Offline mappa Map

Taipei (台北 or 臺北; Táiběi) is the national capital of the Republic of China, otherwise known as Taiwan. It is in the northern part of the island in a basin between the Yangming Mountains and the Central Mountains. Central districts

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Macau Offline mappa Map

Macau offline mappa map

Macau (also spelled Macao, 澳門) is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. Located across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong. Macau was geographically divided into three regions: the peninsula (Macau Peninsula – 澳門半島 O Mun Pun To) and

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Hangzhou Offline mappa Map

Hangzhou offline mappa map

Hangzhou (杭州; Hángzhōu) is in Zhejiang Province, China. It is one of the most important tourist cities in China, famous for its natural beauty and historical and cultural heritages. West Lake (西湖 Xī Hú) is Hangzhou’s most famous scenic sight.

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Guangzhou Offline mappa Map

Guangzhou offline mappa map

Guangzhou (广州 Guǎngzhōu, old style Kwangchow or just simply GZ) is the capital of Guangdong Province in southern China. There are ten districts in Guangzhou. Among them, Liwan, Yuexiu and Tianhe are the city’s core. Liwan (荔湾 Lìwān)is old Guangzhou;

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Shanghai Offline mappa Map

Shanghai offline mappa map

Shanghai (上海 Shànghǎi) is the largest and most developed city in China. Shanghai is split in two by the Huangpu River (黄浦江 Huángpǔ Jiāng). The most basic division of the area is Puxi (浦西 Pǔxī) West of the river, versus

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Hong Kong Offline mappa Map

Hong Kong offline mappa map - street details

Hong Kong (香港 Heūng góng in Cantonese, meaning fragrant harbour) is a place with multiple personalities, as a result of being both Cantonese Chinese and under a more recent contemporary ex-British influence. The Hong Kong offline mappa map includes: Hong

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Beijing Offline mappa Map

Attractions detailed in Beijing

Beijing (北京 Běijīng) is the capital of the most populous country in the world, the People’s Republic of China, and also its second largest city after Shanghai. The city is well known for its flatness and regular construction. There are

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