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Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey. After Sicily and Sardinia, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Although the island is geographically in Asia it is politically a European country and is a member of the European Union. Cyprus is divided into 6 administrative regions, each named for its administrative capital. Since 1974, the whole of Kyrenia district, most of Famagusta district, and the northern portion of Nicosia district are occupied by Turkish forces. The Turkish Cypriot community administers those areas. The Republic of Cyprus administers the following districts: Famagusta, Larnaca (Larnaka), Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos.

The mappa map covers Larnaca International Airport (LCA) and is on the outskirts of Larnaka. Travel around and see many archaeological sites scattered around the island, dating from the New Stone Age through to the Roman Empire, beautiful coastline, Nicosia the capital, the Troodos mountains, rising as high as 1952 metres, quaint little villages such as Kakopetria, Platres and Phini and the 14th century building Hamam Omerye in Nicosia a restored hammam.


Cyprus mappa Map

Cyprus full details mappa Map

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