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Cartagena is the main seaport of the Murcia region. It has 214,000 inhabitants, ranking second in the Region. Cartagena is a city full of monuments, with many archaeological sites and outstanding buildings of historical interest, together with the charm of the sea and the typical bustle of a port city. Dirty and very polluted in the past (due to the nearby Refinery), the new redevelopments (like the initiative “Cartagena, Port of Culture”) and restorations have turned it into a major tourist destination, and is a frequent disembarkation point for numerous cruises. Its wide municipal territory also include part of the famous holiday resort La Manga del Mar Menor, part of the Mar Menor coast and several protected areas of natural beauty near the coast.

There are plenty of tourist attractions:

  • Roman remains, including the brand-new Roman theatre, recently restored. Also of interest is its Museum.
  • Modernist houses, made by the pupils of the famous architect Gaudi. Including the former Town Hall, the Gran Hotel, the Casino and the Casa Maestre, among others.
  • Military fortresses and facilities.
  • The Promenade and the harbour, including the famous Peral Submarine and the ARQUA (National Museum of Subacquatic Archaeology).
  • Other ancient remains (of punic, byzantine or arabic origin).
  • Several churches throughout the city.

The mappa map covers car parks, bus routes, taxi ranks and train stations.


Cartagena mappa Map

Campo de Cartagena zoomed out mappa Map

Cartagena zoomed in mappa map

Tourist attraction search screen

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